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About W.C. Buchanan Contractors

W.C. Buchanan General Contractors based in Philadelphia, PA was established in 1984. Our company was built on the foundation of trust, faith, and stability. We bring value for family, friends, and community, with the ability to make our customers' vision come to life. Our General Contractor services includes rebuilding homes and business, We also build homes and businesses from architect generated blueprints or customer generated plans, we put up decks and porches, we also do additions. We serve the Greater Philadelphia region. Call us for all your construction, remodeling and repair projects.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"My name is Marcia Forde and I have hired the services of W. C. Buchanan Contractors in 2004, to renovate the basement to my newly purchased two-story residential building.  He renovated the entire building starting with the basement.  He designed and created a living space for my private residence.  The layout included, 2 bedrooms, living room, master bathroom, kitchen, laundry room/power room and dining room.

I explained to Mr. Buchanan in the beginning that I had limited funds to work with and he was instrumental in setting down with me and coming up with a workable dollar amount that I could afford.

The preceding year 2007 I had Mr. Buchanan return and renovate the second floor two bedroom apartment unit of the building, and that was beautifully done likewise.  Then again in 2009 Mr. Buchanan returned and did some minor renovations and upgraded the two bedroom unit on the first floor.  In 2010 and 2011, I had Mr. Buchanan do exterior work, such as new roofing, concrete walkways and steps, stone face retaining wall and others, etc.  He and his workers usually arrived on time, they worked efficiently and was well-organized and performed clean up duties at the end of each day. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my working experience with Buchanan Contractors.  I have recommended his services to family and friends for work to be done.  At present, I continue to have a good ongoing working relationship with Buchanan Contractors.

-Marcia Forde

"I Mr. Normal Lyones is writing this letter to recommend Buchanan Contractors to anyone who is looking for a good contractor.  I am wheelchair bound (paraplegic) and need the accommodation of a wheel chair lift to allow me to get in and out of my home easier.  In 2006 I called Mr. Buchanan and he was very sensitive to my situation, gave me a little advice regarding to my home, particularly on the first floor.

Mr. Buchanan made some very good suggestions that I was comfortable with.  He assisted me with the paper work that was involved in securing all special government funding. 

The first task was to modify the entrance to the first floor to accommodate a wheel chair lift with included a whole new entrance.  Knocking out walls in the interior to create an open environment to accommodate my wheel chair.  He did a beautiful job.

-Normal Lyons

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